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Personal Training and Wellness programs have primarily been a grass root effort up until recently, and it´s about to explode.

- Marios Winding


“The best course of action and service available for the preparation of any special day, goal, role, photo, work or video shoot”

– Marios Winding

  • Marios Winding has invented and been using a very primitive form of the power pole concept for the last 15 years.
  • It was a walk-up-and-use system, an all in one gym designed to accommodate multiple users and multiple tasks, he designed it to accommodate both novices and expert users and at the same time it require little reading of the instructions.
  • “Outta sight, outta mind” is one of the quotes that the fitness industry has been struggling with since the early times, so the design phase was probably the most challenging process in creating the Reshape power pole
  • Marios wanted to use materials that were earth friendly and 100% recyclable, without compromises in looks and quality,
  • and with the Reshape Power Pole he did just that.



The Reshape Revolution

Proudly Presents

The Reshape Power Pole

An increasing number of people are embracing personal training and coaching as part of their lifestyle.

For those who have retained personal trainers, it has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

One must learn to change in order to meet the demands of their environment.

And the conscious mind is not just going to want any personal trainer or coach;

They are going to seek out the best of the best


Who we are

We are not a mainstream facility or a typical personal training service


We are not rep counters, drill sergeants or gym politicians. We are educators who believe firmly in common sense.


We design, build and use the most cutting edge and effective training systems available to date.


We understand the important roles that sleep, food quality, food preparation, rest, repair and recovery techniques play in improving the vitality of the individual.


We have a bona fide passion for our craft and genuinely care about every single individual who chooses to put his or her trust into us.

Let us design, build, maintain and sustain that vital lifestyle which you envision or the job calls for.


The Power Pole will take you as far as you want to go…


Reshape Your World

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The Power Pole

Identifying the power poles intended user group was easy, and we are curtain that everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle will benefit from what the power pole has to offer.


The Power Pole, also known as: The 24 Hour Trainer is a full-time personal trainer by your side providing twenty-four hour support.

The Power Pole´s objective is to help coordinate the most optimal lifestyle programming to suit the lifestyle that you lead.

This means that we do not offer the cheapest method of training. But for comparison, it is the best!