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What is a Reshape workout like?


The workout sessions are constantly varied. We keep your interest and your curiosity levels high in anticipation of the workouts. Depending on the workout of the day, the coach may direct or lead a warm up followed by technique review and practice dedicated to skills training and development.


Before you start, you should warm up and mobilise before you start your workout. The skills training component will thoroughly prepare your body for the workout to follow. Don’t forget time for stretching after your workout.




I haven’t worked out in a really long time. Will ReShape programms be too challenging for me?


One of the many great things about ReShape is that every workout can be scaled or modified to suit any fitness level. What that means is that new ReShapers and a veteran ReShaper can do the same workout, but the workout is adapted according to each athlete’s fitness level. We teach our members how to scale and modify workouts and our coaches always provide modificatons in our regular training programs.


You do not need to get in shape before starting on our ReShape Programs. That’s what they are there for.




Do I have to be in great shape to take ReShape classes?


No.There is a common misconception that ReShape is only for elite athletes. The truth is that it’s for everyone. Sure, we say we are “forging elite fitness” and we are. This means that you start the journey wherever you’re at today. And, if you stay on our path it’s likely that you will get in to the best physical and mental shape of your life.


The ReShape community is comprised of working professionals, stay-at-home parents, people that had never stepped foot into a gym, people with physical ailments, competitive athletes and former athletes. Our program is the most efficient, most effective regimen for everyone.


Allow us to get you into the best shape of your life.




What if I can’t perform a certain exercise?


Your ReShape Coach will instruct you how to perform a progression of the exercise as an alternative. This could be a modified version of the exercise prescribed or a foundational exercise that will develop the required strength and skill, progressing you toward the prescribed exercise.




Why does membership cost more than Jets?


We believe that the movements, skills and programming methods that we use provide superior results and require a higher level of coaching than a traditional gym setting.


You can expect proven methods and programming, detailed movement coaching, individual attention, development for competitive athletes, skilled coaching in weightlifting, gymnastic elements training amongst other exercise disciplines.




Do you offer a concession for family/partner memberships?


Because it’s challenging to define what constitutes a family, we do not offer a family membership specifically. People’s definition is very personal and usually based on their own circumstances.


Is it people living in the same house, which would qualify flatties and home sharing. Is it married couples. What about defacto couples, boyfriend and girlfriend, or sisters sharing a home and raising children as single mothers; is it single income family units? You can imagine all the possible scenarios.


Instead we offer loyal customers (regardless of their status) a “saving” on membership.


At ReShape your world we offer a SAVER type membership where you commit to a longer minimum term and make significant savings for your loyalty to the club. We also offer a 10% discount on Kids & Teens training fees to members of ReShape your world as a family discount.




Do you offer a student membership?


ReShape offers a 15% discount on Reshape membership to full time students and senior cardholders, sworn-in military, law enforcement and fire service.


QuickFit was a service solution we developed to make quality training accessible to those with a busy schedule. We found that students, parents and people working long hours found it challenging to commit to regular training and QuickFit express workouts have been a huge success delivering outstanding results.


The QuickFit membership represents the best value possible therefore does not include further discounts for students or first responders.




Can I give it a go?


Our Introductory Workout is specifically programmed with guests in mind to include exercises that are less technical in nature to ensure the very best experience.


If you like what you see and join our community, we’ll teach you all the cool technical stuff during the ReShape Basic Training program.




Getting ready for a training session?


You’ll need water, a towel, and running or training shoes. If you have flat training shoes we will use these regularly. Wear comfortable training clothes that do not restrict your movement.




What is the time commitment?


We encourage you to attend at least three ReShape training sessions per week as consistently as possible. If you know in advance you are going to miss your regular training time due to un-changable circumstances, book in for another workout on your timetable as a substitute.




Who can/should attend?


ReShape training methods cater for all fitness levels, sizes and ages. You don’t need to be fit to start; you join to get fit. Our youngest members are 5, and our eldest in their 90′s.


This program is not suitable for those with a condition or injury that would put themselves or others at risk of harm during the course of a training session. If in doubt consult your GP or specialist for a full medical screening prior to commencing any exercise routine.


If you are recovering from injury or have unique orthopaedic needs (herniated discs, joint replacement, back pain, shoulder impingement, ACL issues, knee pain, patella dysfunction etc), specialised private coaching may be more suitable than our fast-paced group classes. The coach will customise appropriate strength and conditioning to allow for maximal results while maintaining and enhancing pain free and optimal function.




I have an injury, can I still join?


If you are recovering from a serious injury or have unique orthopaedic needs (herniated discs, joint replacement, back pain, shoulder impingement, ACL issues, knee pain, patella dysfunction etc), specialised private coaching may be more suitable than our fast-paced programs. The coach will customise appropriate strength and conditioning to allow for maximal results while maintaining and enhancing pain free and optimal function.




How do you cater for members with sports injuries?


ReShape is not only a general physical preparedness program, it is also rehabilitative in that it takes the body through a full range of motion about the joint. Proper movement stimulates healing by generating blood flow to the affected areas. We have seen and helped conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to broken bones, to chronic injuries in the soft tissue or joints. If it can happen to the human body, chances are we’ve seen it.


How we approach injuries is a learning process between you and us. We will also consult your osteo/physio/specialist as necessary. We want to know the when and what of the injury. From there we can attack the “how to heal”. We have two options for this: in most cases private coaching sessions is best to get you on the healing path.




How do you measure results?


Our assessments are based upon a series of Bench Mark Workouts that are repeated over time giving you a baseline to measure against. It is highly motivating to see weekly evidence of your ongoing progress and development.


We encourage members to keep a training logbook to track your daily workouts. You will definitely feel and see the results, and looking back to where you started and seeing how far you’ve progressed is very rewarding. We also recommend that members perform the tasks outlined in the “Level Testing” tables provided in our training logbook. This will provide you with goals to work toward and a measure of your current athletic ability. We’re big on recording data – it never lies!




What about Nutrition?


Great nutrition is paramount to achieving wellness, and having ample energy to attack your workouts and life in general. Nutrition is a primary tool for achieving and maintaining your ideal and healthy weight.


There is so much conflicting dietary information available to us these days, and finding the right choices and balance can sometimes feel daunting. You can find some gold amongst the simple information and tips on our Reshape Your world Nutrition page; and if you need specialised assistance beyond what our Reshape Your world Nutrition page can provide, we recommend consulting Nutritionist – Marios Winding.


Marios can work with you one-on-one to tailor nutrition to both you and your families needs and preferences. Marios is a registered Personal Trainer, with a post graduate nutrition science qualification, and specializes in Healthy living and Paelo nutrition, both highly endorsed by us and Reshape in general.




I want to strengthen my core. Will ReShape Help?


Yes! While you will not see us do 1000 crunches at Reshape, we know that a weak trunk and poorly stabilised spine is the single most significant limiting factor in all human movement and sports. Our programming specifically addresses trunk or “core” strength.




What about cardio?


Surely because we never do any long distance running sessions, ReShapers can’t have any endurance or stamina. Wrong. The widely touted measure of aerobic stamina and endurance is VO2 max, the amount of oxygen that your body can consume during sustained aerobic exercise – medium intensity stuff like distance running or biking. There is a common misconception that long bouts of aerobic exercise are the only way to build stamina and endurance, but this simply isn’t true.


In the same way muscles must be taken beyond their limits and torn to simulate growth, your ability to process oxygen must be pushed out of equilibrium in order to increase your capacity to process it. Running at a level below your aerobic threshold (i.e. less than 100% VO2 max) will do little if anything to increase this ability. To push it out of equilibrium and induce growth you have to workout at 200% or more of your aerobic ability. In metabolic terms, you need to work the high-intensity phoshagenic and glycolytic pathways in order to improve the medium-low intensity aerobic pathway.








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